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2 day Urban Retreat at The Mindfulness Project

  • The Mindfulness Project 6 Fitzroy Square London, England, W1T 5HJ United Kingdom (map)
The Mindfulness Project

The Mindfulness Project

Stepping away from everyday life, and spending time for yourself on a mindfulness retreat is a powerful way to relax, reconnect and restore. The new year is the perfect time for a retreat to recharge your inner resource and help you re-centre for the year ahead.

We’re excited to be hosting this retreat in this beautiful space - which has towering ceilings and big windows overlooking the serene square garden below. This oasis right in the centre of London will provide the perfect backdrop to settle-in to periods of silence and practice, with the support of two highly skilled teachers and the connection of a group.

The retreat will provide an opportunity to explore the ways in which mindfulness practices can help us to build resilience in times of difficulty and uncertainty, reminding ourselves of our ever-present capacity to respond to life’s challenges with greater ease and awareness. We will investigate the tendencies that incline us away from our inner resources, and how mindfulness practice can serve to nourish these resources, cultivating presence, insight, and the capacity to relate to ourselves and others with greater compassion.

Connecting with our deeper values and intentions, we will also explore how mindfulness practice may help us guide the direction of our life as it unfolds in the year ahead.

The retreat will combine mindfulness practice, in stillness and in motion, with talks, inquiry and dialogues to support a process of mutual learning. It will draw from the methods of current mindfulness-based interventions, and the scientific knowledge about their mechanisms of action as well as their traditional roots.

The retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike. It offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your practice if it has lapsed, and many find that attending retreats offers motivation to help jumpstart or support an ongoing mindfulness practice.

Thorsten Barnhofer & Joanne King

Thorsten Barnhofer is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Surrey and a long-time mindfulness meditator and teacher. He was part of the research team led by Professor Mark Williams at Oxford University that firmly established mindfulness as an intervention for recurrent depression. His subsequent research work, publications, and ongoing mindfulness teaching has continued to be focused on helping those of us most vulnerable to mental ill health. Thorsten’s breadth of knowledge and understanding of how mindfulness works is perfectly complemented by his ability to guide groups through practices and inquiry discussions that are insightful and deeply transformative. He regularly leads retreats and workshops in the UK and internationally.

Joanne King is a professional yoga teacher with a longstanding meditation practice. Her teaching focuses on movement as a means to facilitate somatic awareness and exploration of the embodied mind. She brings experience of deep immersion in contemplative traditions and has trained extensively in the psychotherapeutic use of yoga. Her work is carried by a passion for health and wellbeing across her entire lifespan. Joanne cares about making practices accessible for people on all levels. With a background in performing arts and inspired by the “contagious” nature of presence, she weaves poignant words and poetry in her teaching to help others nurture body and mind. She regularly leads retreats in the UK and internationally.

Cost £150

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