Joanne King
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My yoga journey

I first discovered yoga in 2001 whilst training as an actress in Dublin. I remember thinking I must be the least relaxed person in the room and I cried the first time I did hero pose!


That was the beginning of a magical journey!!  I moved to London, sought out a local yoga class and through hell, highwater (and sometimes hangovers) I committed to practise twice a week. Those few hours weekly on my mat became a sanctuary, and through vinyasa yoga I felt myself grow strong in body and mind. A year in Bristol followed and this is where yoga entered my heart.


Working long hours on set and unfurling on my mat at the end of the day was like the most loving hug, an experience of deeper connection which I was longing for, a coming home. I met amazing teachers and yogis and discovered the power of meditation, kundalini yoga, chanting, 5 rhythms, ecstatic dance and mindful movement. 

I have now taught yoga, meditation, and breathwork for over a decade. Constantly  learning and consistently humbled, I am committed to the evolution of movement and the movement of evolution!

My personal practise is a combination of yoga, dance and creative movement, supported by regular meditation and a willingness to live as turned on and tuned in as I can be. Driven by a love for words and language I weave together poetry and yoga for their powerful translation through the feeling body.



I have travelled the world studying various styles of yoga including Hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, restorative, yoga nidra , pre and postnatal and women's womb yoga.


With a very keen interest in stress and trauma release I studied psychotherapeutic yoga and mindfulness for mental health, post traumatic stress, eating disorders and addiction recovery, qualified by The Minded Institute.

I am also a certified 'EmbodyLoveMovement' facilitator which works with girls and younger women to enhance emotional expression, expose media myths, and change the inner conversation from criticism to kindness, promoting self-worth and purpose.

In 2017, I embarked on a year long intensive Women's training in the Sacred Feminine with Jewels Wingfield and went on to assist the proceeding initiation programme, from this journey ’The Woman Well' was born. 



I am committed to continuous study with authentic and inspirational teachers who embody yoga and it's teachings. Deep Gratitude for the many inspiring teachers I have worked with along the way


THANK YOU: Jewels Wingfield for her Women’s Initiation programme, Uma Dinsmore Tuli for Womb Yoga, Dawn Cartwright for Sacred Sexuality, Claire Missingham for Vinyasa flow, Sivananda for Hatha Yoga, Yogi Bhajan for Kundalini Yoga, Anthony Abbagnano for The Alchemy of Breath work. Max Strom, Bo Forbes, Eric Schiffman, Dr. Heather Mason and Shaura Hall for their wisdom, Steve Haines for TRE, the late Gabrielle Roth and the many amazing movement teachers she inspired, Patangali for the Eight limbed path, Eckhart Tolle for The Power of Now, John O Donohue for his words and Celtic Wizardry. I’m yet to find a more powerful teacher than Mother Earth herself and the elements she dances to. Jai ma!



Jo’s classes are a pure joy to attend. Her uplifting, creative flows leave you feeling deeply nourished and balanced. I love her calm presence, intuitive adjustments and huge knowledge not just of the asanas, but the philosophy behind them. Jo is an absolute gem of a teacher and she radiates a true love of the practice. Her style in 3 words? Inspiring, healing & joyful
Jo is intuitive, compassionate and grounded. Working with her, I have gained a better connection with my body and collected an arsenal of tools, practices, poses and techniques that I can access quickly for calm and focus. Though I think Jo is particularly gifted with women, my husband has also benefitted immensely from working with her as she intuitively understands how to ground him and help him release stress, which he carries in his body. She’s also helped him strengthen his back and core! I worked with Jo just after my pregnancy and also in the early days of my next one - I think she intuited that I was pregnant before I even told her! She adjusted our practice to the changing needs of my energy and body so I never felt I was missing out. Finally, Jo has such a lovely voice and manner that even just listening to her is akin to a yoga nidra experience!
— Kari, London
My chum Anna felt our yoga teacher Joanne King to be one of the best, thanks to her soft Irish brogue, lack of showboating, and an intuitive understanding of the mind/body/spirit trinity. We fell a little bit in love with her.
— Maria Mcerlane, REVIEW Mail on Sunday – 2016